Last week I went to Girona (Salt city to be accurate) to visit my cousin, aunt and nephew. They moved to Argentina over a year ago and I’ve been missing them terribly. 

Now that they are back for a couple of weeks, I am so happy I got to see them again.

My nephew Bruno is the apple of my eye. When he was a baby, I dubbed him Ukachakito and always thought of him as a poet beast. So wise for his age, full of life and as curious as a cat. He always surprises you with a philosophical sentence when you least expect it.

While in Salt, he’s taking poney lessons and we spent a beautiful afternoon watching him practice.

The riding center is especially conceived for kids and uses mainly poneys. Which are just too cute.

And the center has many other animals, but they don’t take part in the class, because they’re too cool for school ;)

That black pig was so cranky and moody. Loved its weird noises. 
And I bet the billy boat always goes…

Look at the pride in the my cousin’s- and in my nephew’s grandpa’s look…

We stayed there until sunset and the place became even more beautiful.

When Bruno was done for the day, we went inside to take a closer look at the horses. 

Montse, the gal in charge, rides the black astonishing horses daily and feeds them only the best.

Ok, so Salt does seem to have it all. Barcelona an hour away. The beach at a half-hour’s drive. Girona is only a 10′ bus ride and you have amazing opportunities like the riding center and the woods to get lost in. Damn, I’m getting pretty bucolic lately, huh?