I told you once, I told you twice and I won’t tire of repeating it: I have a love affair with the sea.
Last weekend, we packed the mini and set for the Belgian coastline. 

I might not love the Belgian coastline. At times, I find it overly posh. And some corners are icons of bad taste. But if you look closer, you may find beautiful remains of decadent old glories.

Or modernist structures, like the Public Swimming Pools.

And then there are more brutalist pieces.

On our way back to the car we passed by the horserace center.
The wall around the racetrack used to be a passage for pedestrians, hence the “Piétons vers la plaine” sign.

We may not have enjoyed the spa to its fullest or plunged in the sea (Chris was insisting to, but I showed him this sign)…

But all in all, it was an A escapade. 
A as in Awesome.