Y’all know it by now. I’m not far from being a shopaholic.
And rue Darwin isn’t exactly making it a lot easier for me to tame my pulsions.

I already told you about Bonnie & JaneKelly, numbers 34 and 60 respectively.
M32 is right next door to B&J and has swept me off my feet. Like two months ago, I had swooped in and stood in awe in front of their beautiful selection.

They have pieces by Jérôme Dreyfuss, Plume, Forte Forte, accessories by Lorenza Gandaglia, jewelry by Mathilde Danglade and porcelain objects by Virebent. Among others. And the shop is gorgeous. White and serene. Such a contrast to the jolt you get from the clothes.

But what I so far failed to mention, is that back then, I had tried on by pure insolence a Sprung Frères fur that was so magnificent, I just stood there, looking stupid in disbelief.

Last week, the “This is Fur” exhibition took place in the European Parliament. I visited the stands almost every day. Ok, every day several times a day. And I tried fur coats by Morten Underbjerg and got to meet the fabulous designer Christian Helmer.
Those coats weren’t for sale and it didn’t really make any difference. For what Christian told me, they cost between a lung and a kidney.

But I felt like a drug addict who hasn’t done a rail of coke in a while and suddenly smells the magic powders. (Does coke have a smell? ^^) 
Anyway, you get the gist. I was hooked.
I went back to M32 just to find the colourful MATSU coat waiting for me.
*** IN SALE. ***
Guess the end of the story.

If you hurry up, you can also enjoy their last days of sales.