Domi, my landlady in Strasbourg recommended I go to La Hache, a rather new restaurant in the Strasbourg bustling gastronomic scene. It’s in rue de la Douane, right behing the Ancienne Douane.
As always, her tips were golden.


La Hache is the high-end brother of Jeannette et les cycleux, L’Épicerie & La Corde à Linge.
And old establishment with stripped bare wood, delicate colors and a very warm ambiance.

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Perfect if you want to have a relaxed dinner and enjoy a great meal with your plus one or some friends.


It’s cosy, sober & elegant. It fosters a certain complicity, intimate talks and immoderate laughter.


The menu is terrific. You can go bistrot style or Chic Mc Tasty. And the wine menu is pretty impressive too. They have no rosé though, kind of a minus for me…


We went for white. Muscat first, Côtes du Rhone to finish. After the wine things started to get clowny.


It was time for food to come to the rescue.
Let me tell you, that kind of food could bring anyone back to life!

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Nancy and I had two starters, while waiting for Agniezska, who was still stuck at work. The cod-mango-avocado tartare was a cousin of the peruvian ceviche. Ah-ma-zing.
The sardines with bread and half-salted butter was a hell of a choice too.

Then came the mains.


Fish and chips for Agniezska.


Cod and veggies for me.


Duck in thai-peanuts sauce for Nancy. The best, by far. I’m definetely getting that one next time.
Look how she sneered in glorious triumph…

We were stuffed but couldn’t resist the pudding calling. So we were 3 nice girls and shared the chocolate-passion fruit ship.


If you’re in Strasbourg, stop whatever you’re doing and go to la Hache. It’s (f)hacking good.