I spent one week in Martinique and I can’t get over it.

It all started when Nico & I had reached the point where we desperately needed some sun. Sprouters, one thing’s for sure: little did I know how much I would learn during my vacation in the Carribean Sea.

We rented a small appartment in a big house nested in the hills behind Sainte-Luce, south-Martinique. It had this big terrace with no vis-à-vis and an enchanting view on the lush vegetation around. Morning coffees were oh so soothing. The perfect way to rise and shine.

This was the first place we visited, and the furthest we went up North. Adorable little fishermen village, like many other towns in Martinique, its beach is filled with colourful boats and fish nets. 

Le Marin
Close to our appartment was Le Marin, a little town with a lovely port.  

I found the 50 shades of blue quite impressive. 

Les Anses d’Arlet
With its beautiful church facing the sea, this village is effortlessly charming.

L’Anse Noire
My absolute favourite. We went back there twice after the first time we discovered it. Unlike the other beaches, this one is less “reachable” as you have to go down 137 steps. It has black sand. The tranquility there was incredible. And that’s where I met my friend the sea turtle, so of course, it can hardly be beaten. 

Before going to Martinique, I never really thought of snorkeling as a possible activity for me. I thought of it as very scary, and actual diving with oxygen bottles was something that seemed impossible for me. Well, I discovered a whole new universe. I started with the snorkeling and I loved it. It felt so good and exciting to see all the life that’s happening underwater. 

Anse Figuier

Trois Ilets

Anse d’Arlet:
My first time ever diving with oxygen bottles! I was extremely nervous – really – but I was so proud of myself afterwards. So worth it! I’m so glad I tried it and I’m absolutely looking forward to my next diving session. 

In order not to completely transform into fishes, we also went hiking in two marvelous places. I mean, If I have to workout, I’d rather do it in the middle of this beautiful nature ^^

Presqu’île de la Caravelle

Piton Crève-Coeur


Our first and most representative culinary stop was La Baraqu’Obama (for the non-French speakers, baraque means hut). It did look like the usual joint for tourists, except it’s yummy. The outdoor seating area is literally on the beach, so you eat dinner with your feet in the sand and the swell’s lullaby. Need I say it was exactly the setting we longed for after 8 hours in the air?

These are not lobsters but rock lobsters. Aka, they don’t have pincers. To my great pleasure, these are served in basically all the restaurants around. So yummy and healthy. 

I wish I could press rewind and go back there for another week of swimming/hiking/tanning/eating :)
If you happen to be a fan of those activities too, then Martinique’s one destination for you!