Sara is in paradise. Well, I still need to have lunch, don’t I ?
El Turco had been on my food radar for a while.

Their mediterranean buffet is incredible, full of cold technicolor mezze with an ottoman twist. From grilled eggplant to hummus; red pepper salad to greek spanakopita; stuffed green peppers to pasta-succhini salad.

The hot buffet also serves meat, from lamb keftas to salmon and sausages.

How do you say ‘mymouthiswatering’ in turkish?

The concept is this: you grab a platter, cutlery and a plate and then fill your plate with the mezzes you want.
You pay 2.45 € for every 100g of heavenly food.

For our two plates and two drinks, we paid like 13 € each. Cool price for a healthy & delicious meal.

The line is pretty big, but once you get to your table and start savouring your lunch, you’ll forget all about it.
And the place is beautiful and spacious.

I love the wood-concrete combo.

And I just gotta fancy those amazing neons.

A definite come-back. Especially since I want to try their evening all you can eat menu for 22.90.

Man, if someone would have told me a month ago that two of my favorite restaurants would be in the EU Quarter (Letiuz and El Turco) I would have sneered in disbelief.

But as Patty Smith says…Believe or explode.
And after my gigantic meal, the latter I will ;)