I am a city gal.
Always have been. Always will be.
I just like the humming of the city, the agitation, the restless buzz. 
Strolling all over town and pausing in a café before entering a shop and meeting up friends.


But from time to time, escaping to the quiet countryside can be a soothing and stimulating experience.

That’s exactly what I did last weekend, when I stayed chez Delphine and her bf Val.
…and of course, the Indian Floyd!

We walked Floyd along the canal and breathed in all the good air. 

We passed by a really cute hedge and dreamy houses you never see in Brussels, with wooden decks and their feet on the water.

 We even paid a quick visit to Del’s horses, close up style.

I think Floyd was the most excited of us three…

As the quiet took over us, I couldn’t help but feel I don’t do this nearly enough. Seeing trees, taking deep breaths and just being out in the ‘wild’. 
Ok, Alsace is not the far west or the Amazonian jungle, but to me, it’s as wild as a weekend will get me.

I’m glad I have these pictures to remind me from time to time of the region’s beauty.

And the best of companies, too!

Del totally spoiled me and took us to the Sulz Bad Thermal Spa.
An afternoon worth of massage, scrub, vaporous baths and girl talk.

We were all feeling like a million dollars. Even Floyd could brag about his healthy state!

Who would have thought the countryside could be so much fun!