Last Friday, Kathryn and I paid a visit to the awesome Winter Games party by Secretnights and Justanight at Jeux d’Hiver in Bois de la Cambre.

And while we were walking through the woods on our way in, (yes, we walked because despite the cold, we were wise enough not to drink & drive) we kept imagining a lurking murderer, a rapist or another creep of some kind. But we made it. Fiou.

I admit the venue is quite breathtaking. The light fixtures, the subdued atmosphere, the chalet vibe. Everything is sophisticated and yet warm.

The music was also amazing. DJ Julien D’Aleo played us some serious realness. And we were up on the platform having fun and enjoying a premium view on everything and everyone.

Everyone was wearing their perfection cape. You know, that outfit that took you ages to decide on and yet it seems you just happened to grab it out of your wardrobe on your way to the shower.

But no matter how many liters of nonchalance perfume they had sprayed on themselves, they all seem so…pretentious.
Ok, not everyone. Just like 7,5 out of 10. And while we danced, we couldn’t help but wonder what lay beneath their pose.

How many of them were lonely? Or lied about where they were going or who with. How many can’t afford their chanel bags? How many are in the closet and secretly crave their best mate? How many are on antidepressants?

Why did they need such a powerful perfection cape when all they needed was to enjoy the great party and let go of the weekly stress? What were they afraid of?
Or am I actually among the 7,5 terrified stuck up posing people?
Ok, hold on. Let me just go check my ego.