Not to bore you or anything, but here we are with yet another lunch post, in our eternal quest for healthy/yummy/healty&yummy lunches in the EU quarter. The good news is, we might have finally found IT. The one place to which we’ll most definetly go back.

We had already blogged about Elvis Food, which is a good option if you’re in need of a vitamin shot. Today we tried Letiuz, a fabulous little joint that serves amazing salads in a warm delicate setting.

Credit: Julien Renault, Letiuz FB page

And get this…you can choose every ingredient to create your very own, sur mesure, salad. You don’t need to put up with that grated carrot you hate or the red cabbage you always leave behind. 

It was about time a place of this kind opened its doors in Brussels. Back in 2008, the very first time Sara visited New York City, she was completely won over by the countless salad bars and the infinite ingredient combination they offered. Too bad it didn’t exist in Brussels. Until now!

Seriously, if you happen to work around there, you must go and try it. It is refreshingly light, but also serves hot bites & sweet desserts. However, if you are some kind of anti-vegetable eater or if your organism can’t survive without a daily meat fix, then maybe, Letiuz is not for you. Ooooor, it could make you change your habits, you devilish carnivore you!

With that exact idea in mind, let us present the concept a bit more, just to see if you can really resist the appeal of fresh, green leaves. 

Step 1: Standing in front of the bar, you get to pick your type of salad first. Iceberg, spinach, mesclun or corn salad. 
Step 2: You then have to chose 4 ingredients out of 42 from their selection to mix with it, and of course, you can have some extras. 
Step 3: The final touch is the dressing (from 6 different ones), so give it a little thought. 

                                                           Credit: Letiuz FB page

On Letiuz’s website (by the way, lovely design) you can also order your salad (or sandwich for that matter) online and they deliver it. To you. By bike. Eco-friendly much? Totally. Just one little minus note, the delivery is available only for orders of 25€ or more. So you might want to gang up with a colleague or a friend. Or order 3 puddings, which is just as much fun.

Anita & Sara