Us gals still can’t get over how awesome it is that we actually can meet during our lunch breaks now. The Arts-Loi/ Trône/ Maelbeek area is a tricky one though: filled with offices everywhere, yet, the lack of stylish restaurants and other eating places is quite appalling.

El Verde is the illustration of the exception. A delicate and delicious mix of Latin American & Mediterranean food. Or so we thought. 

See, we are not the complicated, picky type when it comes to food. The problem here is that El Verde’s kitchen served us with sturdy dry stuff.

And it came all the more as a surprise since it wasn’t our first time. The empanadas used to be juicy and fine. Now we were confronted with a folded dough filled with dry meat. And the hot dishes were kind of the same story. Way too much bread (don’t get us wrong, we love bread) and too little meat.
Just your everyday mediocre sandwich.


All in all, we’re still on the look for the perfect lunch joint in the European Quarter. If ou have a tip, give us a heads up.

Anita & Sara