I’m pretty sure you’ve all been through this at least (the very least) once. That dreadful awareness that your fridge is empty and absolutely no clue of what you’ll have for dinner. At this point, there are two possibilities: 

– Either you’re a great, patient and devoted cook. So you’ll go to the supermarket and end up with a fabulous home-made meal. Lucky you and congrats.

– Or, you’re a bad, impatient and resigned cook who just dreams of having a delicious dinner delivered right to your door. By dinner, I don’t mean the usual pizza or sushi. 

In that second case, Take Eat Easy was made for you. This Belgian startup allows you to browse through a selection of Brussels based restaurants of all cuisines and pick the dish you’d like from their menu. The website is nice and neat, with beautiful pictures. 
How does it work? On the homepage, you enter your delivery address and there it appears: restaurants and their mouthwatering meals available around your area. Of course, you can also narrow your search by type of food. Better yet, the website regularly updates and broadens its list of partner restaurants.

Last night, Nico & I totally were in the Take Eat Easy mood. We tried a Lebanese restaurant, the Faraya. The interesting thing is, thanks to the website you will also discover places you wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise. Anyhow, one little minus point: the delivery wasn’t exactly on time. We’ll put that on the road traffic in Brussels. How bad can it be, seriously? It would even deserve a whole article of its own ^^

Dinner for two is served! Falafel, fattouch, sanboussik, rkakat, makanek… I may not know what these names mean, but one thing I know: it’ soooo good.

I must say, we were completely stuffed afterwards. Happy stomachs, happy people. Go ahead and try Take Eat Easy for yourself, however I don’t take responsability for any sign of addiction which may follow.