We had been eager to try the Balmoral Milkshake Bar for some time now. But somehow could never have our schedules meet their crazy opening hours policy (closing at 19h, except for Fridays).

Last Saturday, we were determined to finally make it and try their ‘American diner milkshake’ concept. We thought we’d like the place. But hey, even we can be wrong ;)

You open the door and you find yourself parachuted to the US of the 50s. Everything is bubble-gum pink. Posters of Betty Boop seem to stare at you from every angle. Old Coke ads decorate the walls and neon lights try to glow you into believing you’ve entered the universal studios of Diner Mc Diners.
Credit: The Word Magazine
It’s candy land meets Wendy’s. The only thing that brings you back to the 21st century is the videogame corner with kids fighting for their turn. We’re gonna blame it on sugar. For now.

We were slowly easing into the vibe, eagerly awaiting for our pancakes and other diner delishes. As we were downing our milkshakes, we started to snap a pic here and there.

And that’s when the shite was showered upon us.
‘No pictures in here Mam. It’s forbidden. The owner doesn’t allow’. Come again? We thought there was some kind of misunderstanding. After all, we’ve been blogging about restaurants and cafés for a while and we were always welcomed and greeted enthusiastically.
We introduced ourselves and talked about The Brusselsprouts. How we try to make reviews of places and give the heads up to our readers.

The shite escalated.
The manager/owner came to us hollering that no pictures could be taken, as the concept has been trademarked. (Can you do that? Trademark walls and cutlery?) Sara told her there were pictures all over the internet, from Yelp to Tripadvisor, and she wouldn’t even acknowledge it. She said all of these pictures were paid for to be displayed on the net. Sorry, but, LOL. Little does she know about how the internet works… The said pictures have clearly been taken and posted by customers, along with comments on how rude the staff is. She went on disdainfully yelling that she’s already in two lawsuits because of stuff like this. (With that attitude, we’re not surprised). She said she didn’t want people talking about the place and she doesn’t want more clients. In her words, she actually already screens her clientèle. (Are you kidding us ? So does she mean she intentionally let those spoiled playstation-addict-brats in?)

Credit: Restaau.be

We could not believe we were being treated like this. What a way to start the day we so cheerfully had embarked in. After a split-second look exchange, we knew it was time to go. So much for the pancake craving.

When we went to pay the milkshakes (the only good thing we’ll remember), she restarted her rant and her agressivity seemed so ridiculous. We were struggling not to laugh.


Credit: The Word Magazine

Thinking about it, we bet all those pink walls and Betty Boop posters are a sad cover for her inner darkness and depression. And two lawsuits? Seriously? What is she, a frustrated lawyer? Who in their right minds says they don’t want any new clients? So what’s the deal? Must one come parading disney outfits? One of the clients told us the woman is known for her ‘bad temper’ and looney mind break outs. You don’t say.
Our guess is she has serious rejection issues and she’s still struggling to overcome the fact that Mickey Mouse won’t return any of her calls.
Anita & Sara