My brother has always been a Lego fan. Hell, he could build hours long. He would have gone on for days were it not for meal pauses ;)
That’s why when he popped in this weekend, we just had to go see “The Art of the Brick” exhibit, at Bourse.

“Apples”, 1292 bricks.

Like my brother, Nathan Sawaya loved playing with Lego as a child; But the thing is, he never stopped playing! 
He has actually managed to take the little bricks to the next level and turn them into artwork.

“Courtney Gold and black” 1032 bricks.

The artist dwells in a tough challenge… his only medium is Lego bricks. But on top of that, he renounces the use of specialty pieces such as the Lego’s Technic kits. It’s truly amazing how a toy designed for children to build towns and buildings, can evoke human shapes and imitate quintessential art pieces.

“Yellow”, 11014 bricks.

“Yellow” is the torso of a man ripping open his chest and a jungle of pieces pouring out of his otherwise hollow innards. Mmmh…Self-portrait, much?

The pixelated versions of classic masterpieces has an astonishing effect. One can but stand in awe in front of the legoistic version of the Venus de Milo. Or indeed pause to think, with his “Blue Guy Sitting”.

“Blue Guy Sitting”, 21054 bricks.

The T-rex is imposing by its size and how it seems to defy the most basic laws of nature. Ok, some strings prevent it from falling into a zillion pieces, 80,020 bricks, to be exact.



So kids, adults and peter pans: the exhibition is until the 21 April 2014. Be there, or be square.