I must thank my friend Sarah for making me leave my apartment and put my exclusive relationship with my bed to an end. I confess, amidst this lovely and pleasant December weather that Brussels has been offering us, I’ve been super lazy and barely stepped out. Don’t tell me you’ve all been hyper active… Or have you?!

In my defense, I’ve been extra busy with all the family reunions (the perks of having a huge family here), you know… eating… and… that’s mainly it.

See, Sarah has lived in Berlin for quite a while, and now she’s back in Brussels. It was high time we met again. Our choice for today? La Gazzetta, located close to Place Stephanie.

Honestly, from the outside it looked like a golden gem. Probably the rain and the wind enhanced this feeling, but entering the place came in with such a sense of relief. Yes, I hate winter. Can you tell? Side note: As I am writing these lines, I’m also chatting with Anita… She’s telling me she’s in paradise, at the beach! No further comment needed. 

La Gazzetta is a small place to grab a quick lunch, a coffee or a glass of wine. My guess is, it probably is packed during the week. The major highlight is the central piece hanging from the ceiling. I found it stunningly beautiful with its glasses, olive oil bottles, pasta packs and boxes of the famous Italian holiday cake, the Panettone. 

I’ve always been fascinated by these coffee machines. They look like robots from another time, and they do miracles in cups.

The menu is compact, but truly Italian and offers the essentials. Antipasti, pasta, a daily meat dish, paninis and dessert.

I couldn’t resist the mozzarella di buffala, which came with a few delicious cherry tomatoes and slices of bread. Sarah took the mozzarella panini, which looked very tasty. As for us, the menu consisted of talking about boys, jobs, relationships, travel and the likes. 

I rarely do this, but I couldn’t finish my plate. I blame all the previous dinners. As much as I would die for a good mozzarella, and this one was of the right kind, I was stuffed. I think I’ll have to go back to try their tiramisu, my absolute sweet weakness. 

When we asked for the bill, we were surprised to receive it in a newspaper (of their own production ?). After all, the place is named La Gazzetta, so it makes perfect sense. Bottom line is, you should go and grab a bite there, it will probably become your new Italian preferito in the area.