Strasbourg regorges with great restaurants. Some are starred, some offer regional cuisine, but it can be hard finding a place to have a light meal.
Often, it seems they all serve heavy dishes made of choucroute, cheese, sausage, and bacon. Even salads are served with “cervelas” (saveloy) or “chèvre chaud”.

That’s why I thought I’d talk about Jeannette et les cycleux, a little joint near Place Gutemberg which will fix you a picnic right in town.

The place has a vintage feeling to it, and the theme is bycicles and motorbikes.

Julie (whom I see ever since I started going to J & les cycleux) will treat you real good and tell you the day’s specials.

They have great little soups and salads and the best are the “tablettes”, wooden platters filled with delicious antipasti. You can choose up to ten ingredients, such as hummus, savory cakes, deli cuts, caviar d’aubergines, etc.

So if you’re planning a little trip to Strasbourg or if like me, you happen to be there on a regular basis and are sick of stuffing your face with heavy dishes, try this place. And if you happen to have a little space left in your tummy, go for their famous chocolate fondant. Heaven in a ramekin.

Jeannette & les cycleux
30 rue des Tonneliers