This time a year, we’re all excited and tormented at the same time and all for the same reason…the Christmas marathon. Shops get freakishly overcrowded, queues are infinite, and everybody just seem to lose their mind. Good news is, a solution exists. Online shopping really is one of the best inventions of all times.

For those who are still struggling to find a fun/cute/awesome gift for that special person, here’s a bunch of ideas that’ll give Santa a run for his money!

For the globetrotters: a golden scratch map

The concept goes a bit like “been there, done that”.
“Brilliant in its simplicity, this smart wall map depicts the world in all its jiggidy, jaggedy continent covered glory. So far, so what? Well here’s the clever bit: the land masses are covered in gold foil that can be scratched off to reveal the countries you’ve visited.”

Price: €18,19

For the lazy: the power nap pillow

“Leonardo did it. Napoleon did it. Even Winston Churchill famously swore by his afternoon siesta. Let’s face it, who doesn’t feel sharp and refreshed after a good nap? So why not take the art of power napping to the next level with the Ostrich Pillow by Kawamura Ganjavian? Catch your forty winks in the padded comfort of your own snug, sound-proof cocoon. Simply slip it over your head and pop in your hands. And because it’s so perfectly portable you can now snooze just about anytime anywhere.”

Price: €75

For the beauty queens: JYB -Belgian and natural

Mix Belgian talent, natural ingredients & creativity. Shake. What do you get? JYB. The Belgian brand offers a huge range of natural and certified organic products. Effective Ingredients such as argan, witch hazel or rose hip guarantee great results without the need to use synthetic compounds such as petroleum derivatives or silicone. Our favourite: the “You’re so sweet” nourishing milk. 

Price: 32,5

For the shower wannabe singers: water-resistant radio

For those who dream of being the next Eurovision candidate or the next Belgium’s got talent recruit, we give you the shower radio. You can fix it to the tiles thanks to its suction-pad. It’s water resistant and can scan through the radio stations. 

Price: €15,95

For vintage lovers: iPhone Gramophone

Thanks to Thomas Edison and his phonograph, life had finally a soundtrack. This iPhone gramophone uses the mythical horn to amplify the sound of your iPhone with zero electricity, with the sheer power of physics. Vintage lovers who just can’t live without their iPhones will relish.

Price: around €300

For the hipsters out there: The Lomo Gatsby Fisheye Camera

The Lomography Gatsby Fisheye camera captures 170 degrees of your field of vision. 

– Built in fisheye lens
– Requires 35mm film
– Film available in: Colour ISO 400
– Lens cap and wrist strap
– Fisheye View mini photo book
– Instruction booklet

Price: €45

For the eternal pet devotees: Custom ID tag

If you have a little wanderlust pet and want to treat him with an elegant and practical tag he can proudly parade in, order your customised ID tag with his initial and two phone numbers, in case he’s playing renegade.

Price: around €20

For the Jewel lovers: Gems from Mei Lee

Mei Lee is a Taiwanese jewel designer who has been living in Brussels since almost 20 years. She has two galleries in town: iii Gallery in rue Sainte Anne 40, near the place du Grand Sablon and O Gallery, rue du Marché au Charbon 15, a few meters from Grand Place. Her creations are simply dazzling, from voluptuous rings to surprising necklaces. She did Anita & Christophe’s engagement and wedding rings. But that is a whole other story.

Price: depending on the piece. Worth a visit!

For the beauty explorers: Deauty Box

The concept is glorious. For all the ladies out there wanting to try a zillion different cosmetic products, the Deauty Box is your saviour. And it’s delivered every month to your preferred address. Us gals are both addicted to our boxes now! Who wouldn’t want a monthly surprise?

Price: €165 for a year or €15 per month

For the ageless geeks: Gameboy cartridge soap 

We all have ageless geeks in our entourage (maybe we all are geeks deep inside too, I mean, who never played with a Gameboy?!). These soaps are the perfect find! Totally looks like actual cartridges, it will almost make you want to find your Gameboy again and take a walk down memory lane ^^

Price: around €9

We hope you found some inspiration. Now go give Santa something to cry about and Merry Christmas!

Anita & Sara