I used to practise horseriding. A lot. Between the ages of 14 and 21, it was more or less my full time occupation (when I wasn’t in school, obvi). Wait… what? Do I smell doubt here? Oh, You need proof?

Yup, that’s sooo like 2007. Major throwback huh?! I kinda miss those days. Anyway, now that I’ve illustrated my glorious past, I can continue the post. Pure coincidence: the Gucci Masters were being held in Paris last week-end, exactly when I had planned to pay a visit to the City of Lights.

I had already attended that type of event when it would take place in Brussels, but the Parisian edition was like a little girl’s dream to me. After a day of shopping around the Capital’s illuminated streets, we headed towards the Palais des Expositions. Before I forget, I must thank my friend Chris once again for the ticket he kindly gave us ^^

Nico and I went through the exhibition hall first, but we were sligthly impatient to reach our seats and discover the arena. To our great surprise, we were sitting just behind some French celebrities: Noémie Lenoir, Nikos Aliagas (pictured above) and Marina Hands. They happened to be part of the jury for the first competition. But it didn’t end there. You’ll see what I mean ;)

This first competition of the evening was indeed particular. It was all for charity, and the riders were dressed up for the occasion, but they also happened to be famous people. So who were they? Rodrigo Pessoa, Benjamin Castaldi, Guillaume Canet, Jessica Springsteen, Nicolas Canteloup… Ladies, I know you stopped paying attention since you saw the name Guillaume Canet, so here he is. On a horse. Dressed as Danny in Grease. 

After giving our eyes so much to see, the evening got us a very pleasant musical break with Selah Sue and her hit Ragga Muffin. The girl is not only of our Belgian pride, she also has an amazing voice.

The second part of the evening was a much more conventional competition. The obstacles were set a bit higher, and the riders were all professional ones. I’ve always found it very impressive that as soon as the bell rings, the whole arena just sits there silently. Every spectator is holding its breath until the horse jumps the last obstacle. All you can hear are the animal’s respiration and its hoofs hitting the ground.  

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay to the very end as we had to catch the last RER to go back home. My sources say the party went on till 3 am! Next time I’ll consider the taxi option ^^
To redeem myself, I thought I’d give you a few extra photos that I took on the Sunday. 

Who can resist shopping in Paris? We certainly didn’t, as we both bought ourselves new shoes. They come from André, a shoe shop I absolutely love. For some reason, they didn’t expand to Belgium. André, if you hear (or read) me, please think about this!

I’m wrapping up this article with Christmassy pictures. Speaking of wrapping up, I’ll try not to leave all the christmas gift hunting to the very last minute, unlike all the previous years. Gonna be a challenge.