Sunday. I stayed in bed until 1 pm, with my little Aiko, my computer and several cups of coffee… Could anyone blame me? Not really. It’s cold outside. Plus, did I mention it’s Sunday? Probably should be renamed Sleepday. Still though, as comfy as it was, at some point I felt like going out for a stroll. Maybe just to convince myself that no, I’m not THAT lazy after all. 

Also, I felt like it had been a while since I last took pictures of Brussels. I know my sister is always up for some wandering and playing photographers, so I texted her and asked to meet me at the Parc du Cinquantenaire with her cute dog, Hiro. 

The weather and the light weren’t exactly perfect: kind of greyish, lots of clouds. Not that it matters so much to us anymore. Ever since starting our blog, Anita & I have learned to master (more or less!) the art of picture editing. Oh, while I’m still at it, did you guys know that the idea of this blog first came to us right in this parc around 6 months ago? It’s kind of our own pilgrimage spot now. A sacred place. 

My sister and I switched roles for a few minutes: I got to hold the leash and she took the camera. Hiro is a ball of pure energy. He just doesn’t stop fidgeting. Totally restless. 

Eventually, I managed to tame the beast. I admit it, it only lasted a few seconds. I guess I lack authority. 

Seriously, with such a look in his eyes, it’s hard to hold anything against him. How cute is he?!

We walked all the way from Mérode to Schuman and back. Along our path, Hiro made several new friends, including this gracious white lady. Later, we also passed by this green budgie in the middle of red berries (or whatever they are). Have you ever noticed them? They seem to be a bit everywhere around Brussels. The story says they escaped after the closing of an animal parc located in the Heysel area back in 1974.   

That’s all folks!