Our Saturday night was a trip to a glorious past. And Hotel Berger was the perfect setting for the Vintage Fashion Festival organised by the Second Life crew. They are experts at organising “vintage events for vintage addicts” in different exceptional Brussels venues.

The red velvet, the subdued light, the feathers, the mirrors, the jazzy music… us gals rightly coordinated our outfits: we both showed up with our sequined pieces.

Even the format of the event was like yore. In the beginning of last century, the fashion shows didn’t take place around catwalks. Creators would present their collections to their wealthy clientèle in hotels and other private abodes.
That’s exactly how the festival was designed to be: us sepactators took place in the various hotel rooms, where refreshments and appetizers greeted us warmly.

After peeping into all the other hotel rooms, each individually decorated with character in the most delightful of art deco manners…

…we went on to the press room and sat comfortably on a green art deco couch, waiting for the models to come show us the collections. And we weren’ the only ones. The couple from Mr & Mrs Trendy and the lovely  Elodie from Love & Tralala were also there. Brussels bloggers from different universes. It was great to meet them!

Cheery and looking as if they truly had escaped from another decade, the models came parading remastered, revamped and contemporised vintage designs.

The designers were: Gabriele, Pitsy, Zoumilictrik, Think Twice, Nova Grey, Marine Gabaut, Nicolas Woit, Kusje and Mlle C.

Some of the creations were doll-like fluffy dresses, others had a pin-up girl feel to it and others yet looked as if your grandma’s dresses had been kidnapped and turned into futuristic pieces of fabulousness. The only thing we regretted was that they came & go too quickly; almost like fairies and we barely had time to see the pieces or take proper pictures. Sorry for that!

After the show, dinner was served downstairs, at Vini Divini. We each had three tickets worth of pasta, second course and tiramisu. Us two gals may not be vintage connoisseurs but we do master in the food department. And wisely enough, we hurried to get a table and didn’t even have to queue to exchange our vouchers for heavenly italian dishes.

Other spectators weren’t quite as lucky and the line became enormous. In the meantime, the glamourous concert began and we were delighted with the sounds of Lolly Wish and George BanGamble.

We eloped upstairs in the hope to meet some of the designers. After all that’s what the programme of the evening had promised. But the rooms were empty and closed.

It was time to get back in the time capsule and fly back to the present.

Anita & Sara