I believe I’ve told you a few things about rue Darwin, next to place Brugmann. (ICI and Bonnie & Jane, remember?)
But what I haven’t shared with you yet is my discovery of the biggest Repetto retailer in Belgium…Kelly.

Kelly is a boutique run by Clément De Clercq, well two boutiques to be fair, presented sort of like a dressing room, with old wooden wardrobes. 

Kelly is the name of Clément’s imaginary muse. He chooses each item carefully, in an ode to an elegant & refined woman. His credo: quality and subtle cuts. 

Number 60 boasts selected pieces from over 20 brands among which Les Petites, the legendary K-way, bags from Mika Sorolea, tribal boots from Penelope Chilvers & plenty more. All of which are a gage of quality and class, while jumping out of the ordinary.

Bonne Maison socks – great little Xmas present under 20 EUR
Hanky Panky rainbow selection of panties

In number 58, the space is dedicated to shoes and the clear diva is the French Maison Repetto brand.

Credit: tendances-de-mode.com

Kelly is Belgium’s biggest retailer and you’ll find a ginormous choice of models, ranging from the classic ballerine to more limited editions, like the Gainsbourg Zizis or high heel ankle boots. 
You can curl up on the couch and try them all like an urban cinderella. 

If you’re having a sip Chez Franz or at ICI, do take the stroll to Kelly. Plus what with Christmas closing in on us, you’d better start lookin’ for gifts to warm up your tree’s feet!