Looks like us gals are still stuck in this never-ending conflicting schedule whirlwind. It has been going on for more than a month now, making it hard for us to spend time together and most importantly blog about it. 

Last Friday though, the odds where in our favour and we managed to grab lunch together. :) We thought we would try this festive little restaurant called Jour de Fête. It was a celebration after all, right?

Well, at first it totally looked like it. The setting is full technicolor, joyful and playful.

At Jour de Fête, the menu changes every week. The list of 5 dishes is written on a big blackboard and is updated weekly. Besides, they also serve a selection of antipasti & a daily soup.

Anita tried the antipasti plate and the soup of the day. But to her disappointment, there wasn’t much to choose from…the buffet looked a tad sad…
So her antipasti dish turned out to be a lesser version of what she was expecting…
I went for the Portobello mushrooms filled with mozzarella & zucchini. 

We’re not gonna lie. It didn’t taste as good as it sounded and looked. Generally speaking everything lacked seasoning. My mushrooms were too much. Had they been smaller, it would have been better. And I suspect the mozzarella wasn’t the best quality available on the market. To sum it up, it wasn’t bad but wasn’t particularly good either. Just meh.

The cherry on the cake was the moment I wanted to order a piece of speculoos-floored cheesecake. And the waiter -who was otherwise very nice, said I still hadn’t finished my plate. Then he turned to Anita and told her off too, saying she hadn’t eaten the whole bowl of soup. Woah. Let me just say that Anita’s look was so nasty I didn’t want to be standing in his shoes. Anyway. The cheesecake did come and I did eat it. Meh. Again.

If you’re near Annessens and just must have lunch in the area, we wouldn’t insist you go there. Maybe walk a bit further to St Gery? Or you can go to Jour de Fête, but we’re not so sure you’ll celebrate.

Anita & Sara