… as in, Make-up Designory (click here for the Belgian MUD page).

Us gals absolutely love to discover new brands, new shops, new places… So this Sunday was a total excitement for us. We were lucky enough to be introduced to MUD and their sparkling new cosmetic line.

Our rendez-vous spot was Kroonen & Brown, a pearly white beauty concept store in the Sablon area. It was our first lovely discovery of the day. How could we not know about this place before? Exclusive perfumes, creams, make-up and much more… 

For the record, MUD started as a make-up school in California more than 10 years ago. At first they completely focused on teaching the art of make-up and used their own products without selling them. However, turns out the former students were coming back to fill their pots with the pigmented magical creams & powders as they could find no equivalent on the market. Eventually, MUD took a big step and launched their own line for the public. Oh, we’re so happy they did!

MUD’s philosophy goes a bit like: “Don’t buy it till you tried it”. And indeed they don’t push the sell. Money tastes good, but art comes first. So they organise workshops around Europe to present their collection and share their techniques.
They sit with you and teach you all about your undertone, what colours suit you, how you should apply the products. It’s all about know-how and top quality products with a very high proportion of pigments.  
The Brussels event couldn’t have been hosted in a better setting than Kroonen & Brown. Classy, cosy and kind of a beauty version of Ali Baba’s cave. 

We were greeted by the beautiful Liza, a school director and, of course, an amazingly talented make-up artist. Not only did she worked her skills on our tired Sunday faces, she gave us priceless tips.

After giving us a presentation of the brand, Liza started with Anita’s face.

The trick to finding the right foundation is knowing what undertone you have…most Europeans have a yellow or green undertone. Then you have to apply a bit of foundation on your neckline to see whether it “disappears” into your skin colour. If it does, you’ve found it. Lisa hit the jackpot at her first try. 
Another trick: primer. This baby protects your skin from cold and the environment while preventing makeup to enter your skin. Result? It looks better and lasts longer.

Liza then started to apply her magical powers to Sara. Let us tell you, it was more than needed. Besides the feeling of relief you get once you don’t look so pale and tired anymore, having someone do your make-up is a pure pleasure. The smooth brushes caress your skin while acting like a magic wand … and yes, all your flaws vanish. Well. At least to a certain extent ^^ 

When you get a professional make-up, you really realise the importance of a good foundation. It completely changes the way your face looks, and honestly, it’s almost like you don’t even need to apply eye shadow or mascara. Lisa put the highlights and shadows in all the right places.

Our session was slowly coming to an end, and we were already very impatient to try the products Liza had put in the nice goodie bag she gave us. We might not be able to master the art of make-up yet, but she definitely dropped some valuable knowledge to us.

Tadaaa… here’s the final result for both of us. Ok, it’s not exactly fair since you haven’t seen our faces before Liza intervened, but still, we can assure you we were super happy with our looks ^^. Ready to go on with our Sunday plans.

No doubt, we will be back there soon!

Sara & Anita.