…and so should you! Hurry up!
Errr..ok, our over enthusiasm might have created some confusion. 
Deep breath. Houuuuuuu.
Start over.

Hi Brusselsprouters, in case you didn’t know, there’s going to be an amazing event at the Berger Hotel on the 23rd November.

We’re talking about the Second Life Festival, a Vintage Fashion Show where you’ll discover unique pieces crafted by talented designers specialised in Vintage.
Us two gals have just booked our places and are really looking forward to it. Also because the format of the whole thing really intrigues us…
The Fashion Show will take place in the different Hotel Rooms. And to add more glamour to the evening, Lolly Wish and George BanGable will throw a concert. The ticket costs 60 EUR and includes:

  • Half a bottle of prosecco & antipasti
  • A place to see the Fashion Show in a Room
  • A walking Dinner at the Italian Restaurant Vini Divini
  • A place for the Lolly Wish & George BanGable concert

If you feel like taking the extravagance of the evening to the limit, you can even choose to spend the night and book a room. The organising team has negotiated really soft prices! 20 EUR extra for a standard double room and 40 EUR extra for a superior double room.
Well worth a snooze.

Reservations at: contactsecondlife@gmail.com
More info on: www.secondlifefestival.net & www.lebergerhotel.be

Anita & Sara