I plead guilty as charged.
I have been idle, lazy and totally neglecting the blog.
But in my defence, with Sara so so far away, I’m kind of bummed out. But here I am and the tears rushing down onto the keyboard won’t stop me from telling you my weekend tale.

I vas in Djermanie. Ze hole veek-end.

And the first chapter was very…

I escaped rainy Brussels to get to rainy Düsseldorf and listen to the incredible, amazing, achingly awesome…

Queens of the Stone Age. My latest music crush. And crush, alltogether. I mean…

Needless to say I was mesmerized the whole concert long.
What am I, a teenager? Well as it so happens, I find that there are few things as sexy as a musician you really like rocking the stage.
But that’s just me.

Anyway, they played for 2 hours, which seemed to fly by us. They did some oldies and almost the full new album, which I totally recommend.
My replay button is stuck on “If I had a tail”.

I stayed at The Breidenbacher Hof A Cappella.
It’s a very classic classy chic hotel. Not the type I’m used to, at any rate. Everything looks so elegant, almost overwhelmingly so.

The absolute best feature of the hotel is the Breakfast Buffet, served at the 1806 Brasserie, on the 1st floor.

By the way, the croissants made my top 5 list. And we were in Djermanie, don’t forget!

The bread offer was enormous. From baguettes to cereal loafs, from bretzels to poppyseed buns.

We were two merry brunchers.
After the gargantuan binge-eating episode, we were ready to get back on the road.
Direction south, to Sarrebruck, where I would spend a great couple of days with my lil’ bro.
The details of our IKEA mounting, hot-dog eating and restless laughing are classified material.

Germany, you really rock.
Wow, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.