As previously mentioned in the Bia Mara post, sister and I went on quite a safari last Saturday. Our afternoon consisted in wandering around Brussels’ fashionable quartier Dansaert. It was the perfect day to get out for a walk & wear your brand new fall 2013 pieces while enjoying the last rays of sunshine.

During our little sister-sister ramble, we passed by several shops that caught our eyes. Here are the names who made the cut: 

Brandy Melville
Italian brand, inspired by L.A. lifestyle, Brandy Melville gained its fame among Hollywood celebrities, including The Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Karlie Kloss and more. Brandy Melville offers classic Italian pieces, combined with vintage details. The shop in Brussels is a true pleasure for the eyes. Did I mention very affordable prices?

Brand new concept store – in fact it opened its doors in September 2013 – Kure has been launched by a young lady named Cyrielle (she’s also a blogger, check it out here). She found the inspiration for her project during her trips to Stockholm, Berlin & Paris. The atmosphere is nordic and uncluttered. If you seek unusual, high fashion pieces, this is the place for you.

This one is a second-hand concept store. For all of us ladies wanting the catwalk fashion without going broke, Vêtue might be our saviour. The shop is small and colourful and the pieces they sell are carefully selected.

This very black store is nowhere to be found on the internet. They offer very particular pieces, mostly for men. I liked the dark twist you can feel when stepping in.

Once we finished our store-digger marathon, we only had one idea in mind: COFFEE! The ultimate wake-up best friend. You’ll find out where we ended up sitting in the next article…