I am going to confide a little secret. Ok, many of you may know it already. But that’s exactly how secrets work, isn’t it?
Last week, I winded up in rue Darwin, steps away from Square Brugmann and I discovered plenty of treasures! One of them was ICI which in English means ‘here’ and is now my fave place for brunch, lunch, soup, juice or cake.
Oh yeah, baby. ICI is where it’s happening.

When you enter ICI, you just know it’ll be a while before you can leave. It’s a rare breed between a high end grocery shop and a cool cosy café, run by Marine and Saskia.

The comfy cushions on the benches make you feel like you’re in your own living room except you don’t have to lift a finger. And the tables are quite close together which is perfect to socialise with your fellow coffee drinkers. You see the guy on the right? I learned he’s soon opening a French restaurant near by.

The wall has been turned into a ginormous blackboard and invites you to try all the marvels ICI has to offer. From soups to quinoa dishes; from risottos to detox juices. Everything is organic, fresh and healthy. My kinda lunch.

I loved the hanging lightbulbs. I kept staring at them for way too long. I think people started thinking I’m crazy. Which to their credit, is not totally wrong.

My juice of choice was ‘so love’, made with beetroot and other delights. Next time, I have to try the cakes, which looked as if Bree Van De Kamp was held hostage back in the kitchen.

The amazing thing about this place is that you can sit there quietly and enjoy talking to a friend, a customer or even yourself and then grab some nice italian pasta, some dried mushrooms, premium salt, you name it! and be on your way.


So folks, if the clock allows you a little stroll by the area, be sure to pop into ICI (35, rue Darwin). And if you happen to go on a Saturday, the customers next to you may very well be Sara and me :)