My friend Sandra from my Strasbourg University days came to Brussels last Thursday to spend the weekend. Yes, this post is long over due, but let’s just say I was too busy with my girlfriends to sit and write. My bad.

So on Friday we woke up with a busy schedule in mind… After breakfast at Lilicup’s, we went for a spinning class to burn the scone out, I mean, for the love of sport and cardio activities.
That class almost cost me my friendship with Sandra, as the spinning trainer was totally crazy and almost made us have a heart attack. 

Seeing Sandra’s withering looks, I decided it was time for something more relaxing. We headed to to Spa Lovina, at Tour et Taxi. Again one of my good friend Kathryn’s recommendations. It’s sooooooooo good.

pictures from Spa Lovina’s website

The place is really beautiful, with a truly Moroccan feeling to it. The lights are subdued and the mosaics and tiles contribute to the amazing ambiance. While you’re in the hammam, the Moroccan music soothes you and takes you to far away oriental paradises. You’re in Marakesh for the day. 

picture from Spa Lovina’s website

Plus it’s not crowded at all. This was my second visit and you almost feel you have the hammam all for yourself. The prices are really soft too, so you can go for a hammam and a scrub (30 EUR) like twice a month, as they recommend you should. If you have one, do bring your Kessa glove and towels, so you don’t have to purchase/rent them at the Spa.

Once our skin was as soft as a baby’s and our minds in total harmony, we braved the cold and headed for lunner (the PM version of Brunch). Having heard lots of positive things about Les super filles du tram, we gave it a go.

The place is really close to the Place Flagey, in Rue Lesbroussart 22. The setting is… original. I mean it has character. Very Belgian, somehow. It reminds me of Houtsiplou, in Place Rouppe. I have to admit that I am not a fan of their decoration. A bit too yellowish and overcluttered. And all the hanging post-its on the bathroom walls give it kind of a dirty sensation. Like how can you really clean if you can’t sponge the walls covered with paper… ^^

Anyway, it’s a restaurant so let’s talk food. Their burgers are not only mythical and famous but also…see for yourself:

We didn’t want to stuff our faces because Celine, another friend from Uni, was going to arrive later that evening and had forewarned us that she expected nothing less than belgian fries.

Sandra went for the salmon-shrimp toast and I had a soup of the day, which was delicious and just what I needed to warm up.

All in all, the place is cosy, friendly and has personality. Not my favourite choice for a nice setting but I will be back for the burger. If you’re planning to go on a weekend evening, do call to make a reservation as the place is not huge and gets full easily.

All this burger talk has got me drooling so I’m going to go for a bite. More to come soon on our super ladies weekend!