The sister is back in Brussels! 
That’s right, my little sister is here. OK, she might be taller than me, but I’m still older (I get all the down sides really). 
Anyhow, this was the perfect time to take her with me for a stroll around in the city.

We figured the best way to start this mission was … to get some lunch. 

Anita & I heard about Bia Mara through our friend JT, thus it has been on our “to try” list for a while. Bia Mara is a seafood/fast food restaurant. Their menu offers all kinds of variations of the world-famous fish & chips.

Once you enter the place, you discover a small dining area, a grey & bkack theme for the decoration and an open kitchen in the back of the room. Simple, modern, clean. 

We both ordered the same dish – Fish in lemon & basil tempura, seaweed salted chips, garlic truffle sauce. 

The fish & chips is served in a cute little wooden box with the logo of the restaurant. For us starving girls, the moment we received our “plates” was a true release. Delicious fish in a super crispy tempura. Yummy thick chips that melt in your mouth. Yet, the best part was the garlic truffle sauce. I have never tried anything like that before so this was a tasteful discovery. 

See the happiness on her face? That’s how you can tell it’s a good meal. Not the lightest one though. But hey, we needed energy before our urban safari.