Let me tell you what I did last weekend. I went to the BFD, a.k.a. Brussels Fashion Days. It was the second edition and it was a nice equation of glamour meets freaky and gets together with fabulous, who cheats with photography only to better get married with youth.

Oh yeah, the crowds were young. I felt like a granny lost in Second Life… kinda like an intruder.

But I was in good company. And when 4 intruders trespass to the lands of Fashion Mc Fashy, they’re no longer awkward. They’re the fantastic fouror so do I like to fool myself.

The venueThe EGG, is an incredible space. It was my first time there and it kind of inspired me into throwing a big party! If I do, I’ll keep you posted ;)

Look at the bare bricks, the apparent pipes, the beams, the concrete. It’s beautiful. 

There were several photo exhibits hanging from the brick walls. Like Maëlle Andre & Akhean Polart


I really liked some of the photos. Though I liked the general ambiance even more. The frenzy, the young designers’ collections, the neons on the walls, the showup fashionista…

Among the wide array of sights and activities, one could get hairstyled by L’Oréal & get a face makeover at the Make me up stand.

Tempting…but seeing the line of youngsters avid for a free hair-do, we had to pass.

Plus the clock was ticking and we had to get in another cue…the one for the fashion show. Or dare I say Ze Fashion show…

The waiting on our heels payed off: we were in 1st row, betches! 

And let me tell you why it was worth it. Not only was this my first fashion show, but being so close up to the models, we got to see their every imperfection!!! The unshaved legs, the bruises, the orange skin here and there. I know, I’m so mean, I rejoice in models’ flaws… so sew me.

But the collections were truly something. I especially liked the pieces by Filles à papa. Natan was nice too. I let you be the judges.

That backless dress is just breathtaking. And there was oh so much more. Extravagant party. Immoderate drinks. Unwalkable shoes. All the ingredients for an utter success. Bravo, you BFD devils. Hope to be back next year.