Every now and then, us gals like to write about people’s behaviour. We like to observe. Humans can be astonishing creatures (which is not always a good thing). 

Have you ever felt the need to find the right adjective for a certain kind of people and found yourself at the loss of the proper word? Well maybe, and that’s our guess, the word you were looking for was creepo.

You know, those eye lingering guys who utter awkward things non-stop and leave you wondering… wtf.

Take a look around you. There’s probably one around you right now. Unless you’re home alone. Unless you’re standing in front of a mirror. Unless you’re a creepo yourself.

According to our analysis, one man out of seven is a creepo. To recognise them, check for the following symptoms. If a guy fulfills at least 5 out of the 10 criteria below, make no doubt, you are in presence of a creepo.
  1. He stares at you unceasingly regardless of the fact he’s been busted (this is actually happening right now as we write);
  2. He’s not one to take no for an answer;
  3. He lacks the skills to recognise when he’s bugging you;
  4. He brings up subjects that only your grandpa would talk about;
  5. His creativity makes him ask the most random questions just to make conversation;
  6. He’s a chameleon: he’ll try different characters to try and allure you;
  7. Most of the times he’ll be seen sitting alone (they hunt by themselves and shy away from wolfpacks, dreading competitors);
  8. They prey on girls whose age is 15% lower than theirs;
  9. You may sometimes mistake them for douchebags, like Robin Thicke, but don’t let that fool you. Douchebags make for a completely separate category.
  10. If gifted, they’ll make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. 
Here are some hints as to what to do when confronted with such a creature: acknowledge you’re in presence of a creepo and scram. ‘Cause he’ll keep creeping you out for as long as you let him.

Yo creepo, if you’re reading us, we have only one piece of advice: check your ego.

Sara & Anita