The title here pretty much sums it up.

One thing is for sure, everyone deserves a little drink in the middle of the week. Just to celebrate the fact that Monday and Tuesday are gone. Bearing it in mind, we gals chose to go to the Apéro Afterwork organised by Brussels Expats.

On a side note, we’d like to point out the following: despite that October is just around the corner, the temperatures here in Brussels have been surprisingly pleasant. We’re not staying home under blankets and warming ourselves up with cups of tea just yet!

For us gals, authentic Place Lux aficionadas, the Loft has passed the test. Let’s be honest here, Plux is a classic and we love it, but no bar there offers a nice setting. They all are the same and you spend your evening outside on the grass or the road anyway. The Loft, on the other hand, is cosy and welcoming. The happy hour is a tricky one, I strongly recommend you get yourself a plate of finger food to mitigate the effect. 

JT, the organiser of this international fiesta

We were quickly joined by Sarah. As you all know, the more the merrier. The Loft was progressively filling up with people, but it never felt like being completely trapped in a sardine can. We kind of hate that, when having to go to the restroom or grab another drink becomes such an expedition that you’d rather not go.
The official photographer of the evening passed by us, and Anita asked him to take a picture of us 3, with her camera. Ahem. He didn’t seem too pleased about it, saying he didn’t know how to use it.  I mean, isn’t he a photographer? ^^
Anyhow, we sat down and you know, we started gossiping, as educated girls do – while at the same time sipping our colourful drinks and filling our stomachs with nachos & guacamole. Ah! Our multitasking skills are quite impressive, we know.
The best thing about these events, in my humble opinion, is that you blend in a melting pot of after workers. The four far corners of the world were represented, and it really makes you feel like you’re part of something. Part of a community. A community of outlanders welcomed by Brussels. We all go there and share our day, our opinions, our latest adventures…
With the kind help of our friends -mojitos and wine glasses, Anita & I started to play silly. When Sarah was taking the picture, little did we know we would look like that. A few glasses is all it takes for one to become unbridled. 

We were three merry girls at the Loft.
Next event on the 9th of October, same place, same time. 

Sara & Anita.