You know how there are dog people and cat people?
It’s safe to say that Anita & I are, without any doubt, cat people. Cat lovers.  

This can be explained in one sentence: Dogs have masters, cats have staff. 

Once you get used to having cats, it’s hard to do without. Anita & I sure know this.

Back in February, when I found a small ad for adorable kittens, we were super extatic: we were going to adopt 2 cuties from the same litter.

Aiko                                     Igor

Now, 7 months later, we give you: Igor & Aiko. And Nestor, which is kind of the old fat papa and the apple of Anita’s eye. We had been thinking of this little feline reunion for some time. Well… Let us tell you right away how it went: quite the cat-astrophy.

We were somehow expecting (hoping) that they would instantly get along, regardless that Aiko hadn’t seen another cat since my home became hers. Ok, ok, I admit it, she might be too much of a diva.

Both Igor & Nestor were curious and intrigued by the visitor. Aiko, on the other hand, was more in a “keep your distances” mood. The Cold War was on. The claws were out. Ah, all our ideas of cute kitty pictures flew away in a second. We had to deal with a tiger.

Igor left, Aiko right

We decided to let them be and focus on something else, as in: lunch. After a while, there were small signs of détente, but Aiko never really got to feel comfortable.

Igor left, Aiko right

Yet Igor & Nestor couldn’t be more adorable.


All in all, we had to make the best of it. This is actually the closest they got to each other.

Aiko up, Igor down

Sara & Anita