After many deceptions (including some horror episodes of cutting my own hair in front of a mirror following an Irish YouTube tutorial), when my friend Kathryn told me she was going to the best hair salon in Brussels, I told Sara: we have to give it a try. 

See, the fact is that, unlike many girls who remain faithful to their one hairdresser of choice, we gals are free agents. Or hairdresser orphans. Well, at least we used to be…

Blow is industrial. Rough. Design. Elegant.

The staff is amazing. Frances will take care of the reservation and greet you with a drink. Look at the cute coffee I had while watching Sara get her haircut.

Another great thing about BLOW: not only does your hair get treated like you’re the queen of England; your body too! the shampoo chairs give you a massage! We were so sad when the shampoo time was over, we almost wanted to be all naughty again.

Sara had her hair cut by Désirée, a very sweet and skilled Spanish girl. She did a great job and she took the time to explain what she would do with Sara’s hair, as well as giving her some tips.


Sébastien took care of my mane, promising not to cut too much.

Much too many hairdressers have the annoying tendency to get overexcited with their scissors and cut way too much. But I have to give it to Sébastien, he’s a man of his word.

I don’t know if it was the shampoo getting me all woozy or what, but I already have another appointment at Blow next week. It’s with Kara so if you peep at the team, you’ll guess what for…

Your hair gets treated with Label M products, which have a heavenly smell. I might have to get one of those magic potion bottles.

When it was time to go, we have to admit we kinda felt like princesses. But they’re to blame! They spoiled us rotten.

Follow our advice and call Frances. She’ll arrange everything so that your time at Blow is pure pleasure. And in all awareness of the cheesy line, we gotta say: be prepared to be blown away.

Anita & Sara