Heads up for all the sweet tooth out there! Papabubble has a store in Brussels and oh boy, you’re gonna need to find a dentist in town.

Papabubble is the sugar translation of heaven in a candy jar. It first opened in Barcelona in 2004 and that’s exactly where I discovered them some years back, strolling through the Gotic.

Their hand-made candy is like a trip to Alice in Wonderland and each little piece is like a tiny piece of art.

Flavours range from Passion fruit (above) to mojito. They’ve had such a huge success that they now have stores in New York, Sao Paulo, Taipei, Amsterdam and of course, Brussels.

What I love about them is how creative they are. The stores have signs made of candy.

They come up with new flavours all the time and they propose many formats: little bags, glass jars, lollipops, roses. Your imagination’s the limit.

They even make candy rings. Imagine your boyfriend proposing to you with one of these! It would so sweet. Literally.

For my wedding I ordered tons of lil’ candy bags and they guided guests to their seats.

If you’re lucky, you might arrive in the middle of the making of, which is absolutely fascinating. How they create the drawings with different colour layers, then stretch and stretch until the little drawing is the right size to finally cut them into tiny bites.

I asked the Brussels artisan if they sometimes organised candy-making workshops but she said it’s too dangerous… :'(

To comfort my disapointed little curious self, I had to buy a jarful of raspberry heaven.

They’re so cute it makes a perfect gift and if you plan ahead, you can order whatever design you want. Even messages. Plus, you gotta give dentists something to live on!