Ever since I entered the (so-called) adult sphere of workers, I’ve loved after-work drinks. The idea of going straight from the office to the bar becomes quite a motivation when the clock shows 5 p.m and you’re already dying to shut that computer down.

Anita & I went to The Loft for the first time on Tuesday evening. In all honesty, it wasn’t really the usual after-work. We met with JT, a social media community director for some business-talk. How does that sound, huh? Awesome isn’t even good enough. Yes, we’re cooking up a few things for ya people. Shhh… Still a secret for now though. 

Back to The Loft. The place is relatively new, in fact it opened in April 2013. Inside, the decoration is classy, vintage and stylish.

The bare brick walls create a particular atmosphere. The bar is simply beautiful, with its background red lighting. Exactly what we gals love.

The Loft is both a bar and a restaurant. Without any doubt, its happy hour from 6 to 8 p.m is a powerful argument. Let me tell you, two mojitos on an empty stomach are pretty efficient. Anita definitely is a better role model than me, as she went for virgin mojitos. And a Margarita for JT.

By the way, if you happen to go watch a movie at the UGC Toison d’Or, keep your ticket and go to The Loft: you get 2 drinks for the price of 1 when you show your cinema ticket. Isn’t that great?  

The restaurant’s menu looks extremely tempting. We didn’t try the food ourselves (but that is in our plans for the near future), however according to JT their meat is divine – dry-aged Irish Black Angus for the connoisseurs. Still, being the burger lover that I am, I think I already made my choice for my upcoming dinner there. 

And while we’re still at it, we are looking forward to going back to The Loft on the 25th of September! Be there!

Sara & Anita