So, I somehow managed to leave Brussels for yet another week-end. This time, I went back to Paris to visit my beloved Eglantine. Quite naively, I thought I wouldn’t write an article about it, since we already published 3 of them after our last Parisian escape. Yeah, right.

On Saturday, after NOT hearing the alarm clock, rushing into the shower, having a late coffee at Starbucks and an ex(t)/(p)ensive shopping session – yes, I spare you the details – Eglantine took me around some places I’d never been to before.

A Metro ride later, we reached the Seine’s banks. Passed by the Wanderlust, you know, that place where Anita went for the Mtv Party? I like its style a lot though, but it was kinda empty when we got there.

We met an interesting little creature: this hen surely knows how to rock afro hair. She’s sexy and she knows it. 
Anyway, we continued our tour in the Cité de la mode et du design. There you can find several small shops with creative clothes, shoes, decoration and furniture, and it’s a true pleasure for the eyes to take a look at the fashionable items they sell. 

Very close to the Docks is the Jardin des plantes. Never in my Parisian visits did I think of going there. Now that Eglantine took me to it, I seriously wonder what was wrong with me. An island of flowers, trees, bushes and tranquility. Amazing palette of colours, from yellow to orange, bloody red, purple, bright pink, baby pink, white… 
These Dahlias (on the right) were my absolute favorites. Look at their shape! Their colour! So beautiful. 
When we left the gardens, Eglantine took me to the Grande Mosquée de Paris. We stopped to grab a mint tea in their adorable courtyard. Stepping in is like instantly landing in Marrakesh. Loved it.

On Sunday morning, we didn’t manage to wake up any earlier than Saturday. And you know, they say girls just wanna have fun? Well, besides that, girls also want to EAT. As soon as we opened our eyes and wiped the sleep away, our goal was to find a place to brunch. We booked a table at the Café Primerose, but decided to go for a little stroll before sitting down. The Marché de Grenelle crossed our path, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate. 
The brunch was ok. To be fair, it was good, but nothing exceptional. Croissants, bread, coffee, orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes… The highlight of it definitely was this brioche façon pain perdu and its vanilla scoop. Geez. Worth each one of its 1500 calories (hey, bikini season is over anyway). 
With all that food in our bellies, we could only think of one thing to do: lie down in a park and die peacefully. I mean, digest. Off we were to the Champs de Mars. I hadn’t seen the Iron Lady in a while (not Thatcher, of course, the other one :p). 
How could one ever get tired of Paris?