Confession time: never had I tasted creole cuisine before going to La Case Créole. That’s when I discovered a whole new palette of flavours… exploding in your mouth, taking you on a very exotic journey.

I guess the Reunion cuisine is as mixed as its population and a reflection of its history. First, take Malagasy, Indian, East-African and Chinese food. Second, blend and shuffle. Theeere you have it. Cultural mosaic at its very finest. Four words describe this cuisine perfectly: fresh, sweet, spicy and delicate.
The restaurant itself is modestly decorated – and I’m not saying this in a bad way – which brings your attention on the dishes. It has a lovely small bar that will make you want to try every single cocktail on the menu.

The main local speciality is curry, stew of meats, fish & shellfish, all of this simmered with garlic, onions, ginger, cloves, turmeric, and other spices. Curry is served with white rice, legumes (beans or lentils) and rougail made with tomatoes, lemon, and ginger.

Creole assortment

Shrimp cari with coconut milk

 Tandoori piglet, glazed with ginger, vegetable tempura

Rhums arrangés, which are very popular, are a local speciality too. Herbs, spices, and fruit are left to macerate in white rum in order to flavour the alcohol.

Ti Punches
Mango mousse & coconut crème brûlée
The dishes we had were delightful, with a special mention to the one Nicolas chose: the Tandoori piglet. Once dessert time had come, he even wanted to start over again with a starter and a dish! I suspect he fell in food love.
La Case Créole is the place to visit if you crave for something sugar & spice.