Today was my bro’s last Saturday in Brussels so we went for a stroll in the Ste Catherine area, one of my favourite neighbourhoods.

On our way for lunch, we saw this cool cocktail van, but who can stand a mojito on an empty stomach… I for one can barely stand one on a normal day so we kept walking.

We were looking for APDM but another joint now stands in 92 rue de Flandre, where Au Pays des Merveilles used to be… It’s caled BTB ( Between the buns) Eatery.

It was almost three o’clock and we were hungry as wolves. I saw this sign and started licking my chops.

Just in case some other dish might be more tempting, we took a look at the menu. They serve bagels, salads, a soup of the day and some burgers. Not to mention plenty of pastries.

I could have definetely eaten the falafel dish. But they had run out. Their bagels are supposed to be yummy…

But if I couldn’t have any falafel, I wanted a good cheeseburger. Except they come with salad and excuse me… when I say yes to a cheeseburger, I don’t say no to much else.
That means the whole shabam: fries, mayo and ketchup. Not a green salad and lemon dressing.
But that’s just me.

Ok. Let’s have the soup with countryside baguette. Oh wait….

No. No more soup either.
We decided we would have a smoothie (very nice strawberry, orange & kiwi mix) and scram.


We ended up at Café Pom, a Surinam snack located at Place du Jardin aux Fleurs. It was a nice suprise. They serve Surinam dishes -which have something of an Indian taste to them- & sandwiches.

We had a focaccia with chicken on soya sauce. Delicious and with just what it takes of cumin.

The staff was super friendly too! All in all, a great little discovery. I’ll be coming back.

Don’t you just love when having someone over to visit you transforms you into a tourist at home? To me, it’s an awesome refreshing feeling.