Sara and I have been wandering around. Italy, Ibiza, Formentera, Berlin. The summer has been kind to us but it was time we came home to our darling Brussels. And what better way to celebrate it than going to Lilicup for a long-awaited cupcake?

By now you’re probably hard-core followers of the Brusselsprouts and you’ve read our Lilicup post. If you haven’t, now’s the time. Click away, we are not mad at you.

So this is how we looked while waiting for our two pastries…

It turns out that the little sugar wizards have been rustling up new recipes…

Dear Brusselsprouters, we give you the Hulk!
(trumpet sounds)

Hulk                 Geisha

Sara tried it and I snitched a little bite. It’s oook. But let’s just say it’s not so much a Hulk as a Shrek… not their greatest strength…

But we were much better after the pudding and lemonades…

We spent the early afternoon chatting about our summer adventures and gossiping about everything and everyone.
With you as loyal witnesses, I hereby officially declare that I had really missed Sara!

But no need for further drama. The end of summer is upon us and, although some escapade might arise… we gals are here to stay.
And we’ll be sharing with you our thoughts on Brussels’s Bests.  
You know what they say… Two gals know better than one.

How about you? Any awesome event or place you want to tell us about?

  Anita & Sara