Some cities are simply amazing. My favs in Europe are Paris, Barcelona, and London. However, the Swinging City has something very special about it. In just 2 hours of train from Brussels you enter another galaxy. I can’t express how much I love London. Its spirit, its atmosphere, its style, its diversity. 

I spent last week-end there with my long-time friend Driss. Turned out we were not exactly lucky with the weather on Saturday. Just as Brussels, London can be one tricky lady. Therefore, we were “forced” to go on a shopping session in Oxford Street and around Covent Garden so as to avoid the heavy drops of water (ok, I wasn’t that unhappy about it).

Because of the rain, my ballerinas were literally soaked up with water, and so I decided to buy some plastic shoes. You might think I should have known better. Maybe I should have. But the fact is, there’s always a good excuse to get a new pair of shoes. Sceptical at first, it didn’t take long for me to love them! The ones I got are Melissa black ballerinas, aka my new best friends (no offence meant to Anita)! 

It even got so bad that we ended up going to the cinema. By the way, don’t ever go to see The Bling Ring: one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. After this awful experience, we went for dinner. We needed something to cheer us up, and boy it did! The place is called Flesh & Buns, a brand new eatery next to Covent Garden.

They serve Asian dishes in a very original way. The drinks menu is also full of unusual cocktails and beers. Everything we tried was super delish and I know for a fact that Driss wouldn’t have said no to an extra bun with a few slices of beef dipped in their tasty sauce.

Eating with chopsticks like nobody’s business

Conclusion: our first day was a bit of a mess – bad weather, bad movie. Thankfully one can always count on friends & food to make it all better.