So, people, if you’re like us gals, you’ ll know how online shopping can become an addiction. 

I started to buy stuff online years ago, mainly from websites that offer items we don’t usually find here in Belgium. Another reason quickly added up to the first one: I kind of hate to go shopping on week-ends. Stores are crowded. Having to queue for 30 min to try clothes on or having to engage in some kind of fight to access the shelves is a deal breaker. I get pissed, I get fed-up and eventually I leave with nothing.

Of course, online shopping also has its down-sides: you can’t be 100% sure that the clothes will fit you (ah, the dilemma)… And since you can literally do it 24/7, your bank account will suffer a lot more!

Actually I feel happier to buy online when the shipping is free. This is not something that is regularly offered unfortunately, but some websites still do!

Here’s my selection:

My all-time favourite. I discovered it a few years back, and I have been an aficionada ever since. Ever felt like the UK had so many cool brands we can’t buy here? Well, worry no more.
Not only the website sells its own brand, which is very affordable, but it also offers high-street brands such as Oasis, River Island, French Connection, Vila, Lipsy and many more. I mainly buy Asos dresses and tops. Moreover, the website has a selection of higher priced brands. Besides the clothing, you can also buy jewellery, beauty products, shoes (including Aldo, Faith, Ash…) and other accessories.
To put it in a nutshell: most complete shopping website ever. To make things even better, it very often has great sales and special offers.

Originally a Portuguese brand of bags, scarves, jewellery, shoes and other accessories, it expanded its stores (and delivery) all over Europe and beyond. Once again, their prices are very wallet-friendly, making it then hard for you to resist! I personally like their bags a lot.

The Book Depository.

English lovers, this one’s for you. Tons and tons of books on every possible subject. Amazing prices. Every time I browse that website, I end up having dozens of books in my basket… Yeah… Let’s be realistic, I won’t read them all. Better spread my purchases over time ;)

Urban Outfitters.

No introduction needed for this name. Here you will find everything from clothes & accessories to home decoration and original gift ideas. We do have one Urban Outfitters shop in Brussels (Place Stéphanie, Ixelles), yet their website has a larger range of products. I particularly love all their home items: awesome cups, frames, lightening and wall art!

And here is Anita’s selection:

The Outnet.
A fashion outlet with tons of designers discounts. Huge discounts, actually. Worth a look. But please, just as a precaution, leave your credit card hidden some place safe. “Or the Visa police will come hunt your fashion ass down”. Or so tells me Anita. I wonder if that’s the reason I haven’t seen her in two weeks! Maybe Berlin was a cover up for jail! ;)

Vestiaire Collective.
This is a community luxury resale. And one of Anita’s sighing sources. Let’s say it. She’s a bit of a brand freak and she wastes hours-long browsing through Chanel and Chloé bags. So far, she hasn’t found “the one”. I think she’s saving for bag-charming.

Nasty Gal.
You’ve been there, done that. Haven’t you? Haaaaveeen’t you? If not, it’s time to surf away. But I warn you. Things might get nasty. So be prepared for the rocking dresses and accessories.

If you’re into the whole Nike kicks, then this is your website in Brussels. They’ll ship the models to the store for free. Quite a lot of choice, too. You’ll soon see Anita’s new babes.

Sara & Anita.