Everybody knows that all good things come to an end. Are there ever any exceptions?
As the date of my return was getting closer, we tried to squeeze in a few more visits. 


Lovely small town up in the mountains, it is bordered by a lake. Perfect for a drink with a view – I had one much needed Mojito – or to get on a bark and let yourself (and your thoughts) float away.

Chilling around.

Ladies & gents, happiness has a face.

I always wanted to climb on a haystack. I’ve left out the other pictures of me trying to get on it though ;)
Sunflower field, looking surreal.

Our very last tour was to Narni. Another small town, very medieval. When you walk around the streets you almost feel like being on a movie set. You know, those scenes where knights enter the city on a galloping horse then rush up to the castle? Yeah, that’s it (am I being awkward?). 

And then, the next morning, it was all about packing our bags again and heading back to the airport. When we landed in Brussels, the temperature was …drum roll please… 16°C. Yes, on the 7th of August. Why do you do this to me Belgium?