Having tried many coffee joints in quest of the perfect Sunday brunch, here’s an address we don’t tire of: Café de la Presse.

On Sundays, a wonderful blend of people flocks to Cdlp to enjoy a majestic brunch in a very New-Yorkish space. You can choose to go for a more frugal menu made of 4 little portions or gorge yourself with the jumbo menu made of 6 dishes (for those days when you’re starving). Once you’ve made up your mind, you get a token and can line up to fill in your plate.

Blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, French quiches, quinoa salads,mushrooms, sausages and plenty more.

We decided to go for the queen size brunch.
I went for a petit suisse with a mango and blueberry coulis, honeymelon with parma ham, a caprese salad and a weird gazpacho that turned out to be full of shrimps (which I absolutely hate, so had to give them to Sara).

Sara succumbed to scrambled eggs, guacamole and shrimps, ratatouille and fruit salad.

Fresh orange juice comes with the brunch, but hot beverages don’t, which is kind of the flaw in cdlp’s brunch concept. However, croissants, pains au chocolat, bread and nasty toppings are à volonté.

Sipping your coffee of choice, you’ll be able to enjoy the brouhaha and check out some of the latest bobo fashion trends.

If brunch is too much for you, you can opt for a bagel at the bagel bar or indulge yourself with piece o’ cake, watermelon, cherries and even cupakes from Lilicup!

For those nonchalant wanderers who enjoy spontaneity, consider yourselves forewarned: make a reservation or you’ll end up having brunch against the wall in a little crammed corner (if at all). The price of success. But let’s make it clear: Sunday morning hangover victims will absolutely relish.

Anita & Sara