Last night, Sara and I had planned to go dancing at Mirano, one of Brussel’s nightclubs. Apparently, karma decided we had been bad gals cause it made us pay our sins with a long series of pains.

If Brussel’s weather is known to be quite a fickle diva, yesterday it really outdid itself and it was raining maine coons and great danes. So when we left the apartment with our outfits and hairdos, we soon realised that we’d better return to get an umbrella.

While searching for one in my room, we heard a door creaking, the same sound you hear in horror movies. We stared at each other in dread and wondered wtf it was. Slowly walking back to the entrance, we got it: Sara had left the entrance door open and Nestor, my huge cat, had taken off and run upstairs. All the way up. And up I went in my high-heels to bring back the feline. (Thanks Sara for the improvised fitness session; now I don’t feel guilty of having missed this morning’s BodyPump.) Pain#1
Umbrella-less and covered with a sort of hijab, we resumed our way to Mirano only to find that we had no cash and all ATMs were closed. Awesome. Pain#2

Totally drenched, our shoes ruined (RIP my pony-skin peep toes), we decided to get to Sara’s car and find an open ATM. We walked under the rain and got to the cute Fiat 500 only to realize the car keys were still at my place. You gotta be kiddin’ me. Pain #3 
Back to my apartment. Changed shoes. Finished wine bottle. Cursed a bit. Out again. (With the keys and an umbrella which magically appeared in the shoe closet.)

We got to the Schuman ATM. Yay! OPEN! It only gave 100EUR bills. Of course it did…but nothing surprised us anymore.   

We drove to Mirano. Finally! After hours of crappy deeds. 
Huge queue. Rain. End of patience. Much ado about nothing! Pain#4
Let’s get the f..k out o’here. 

We ended up in WAFF, Cimetière d’Ixelles. Danced to Michael Jackson and met some creepos (a concept which deserves a whole post) including another awkward Flemish dude and some genderless creatures. 

What a night… Actually, now that we think about it, this might have been one of the funniest nights we had.

Anita & Sara